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The expected back in stock date is only an estimate. Occasionally there will be delays in customs or shipping that are beyond our control. If a delay occurs we will update the expected date as the information becomes available.

Name Product Number Date Expected Back in Stock
3 inch Mini IR Bullet Dummy Camera DCMB3 10/14/2011
Blank Catalog BCAT 10/1/2011
Can Safe Ginger Ale CSGA 8/2/2011
Dome Dummy Camera with Motion Activated Light DDCMAL 8/16/2011
Mini Magnetic Contact Alarm and Chime (4 Pack) MMCA4 8/15/2011
Personal Alarm PAL 8/26/2011
Spy Sunglassess SGSPYMI 10/15/2011
Streetwise 4000k Mini Night Stick -Rechargeable SWMB4000R 8/8/2011

Discontinued Products

Name Product Number
5 inch IR Dummy Camera in Circular Outdoor Housing with Light DC5
Streetwise Small Fry Battery SWCR123A
VHS Video Cassette Safe VHSS
007 Spy Sunglasses 007
12 inch Dome Dummy Camera in Outdoor Housing w ith LED Light LDDC12
16 Inch Telescopic Steel Baton B216C
21 Inch Telescopic Steel Baton B221C
21 Inch Telescopic Steel Baton BD21
26 Inch Telescopic Steel Baton BD26
26 Inch Telescopic Steel Baton b226C
2GB micro memory card with adaptor-Kingston brand MSD2GBK
2-Pack Simulated Security Camera 02900
31 Piece Roadside Emergency Kit KC10011
4GB micro memory card with adaptor-Kingston brand MSD4GBK
4-in-1 LED Flashlight 4N1LED
4-in-1 Spy Kit 4in1SK
8 function LED Flashing Light FL26RY
8GB Micro memory card with adaptor-Kingston brand MSD8GBK
AAA Energizer Battery AAA Energizer Battery
American Red Cross Emergency Light Set ARC
Americana Wireless Door Chime Kit RC532
Auto Emergency Tool AET
Bark Control Collar BCC
Bell and Howell Flood Alarm 23N2
Bike Head and Tail Light BHTL
Blackout 2000000* High Powered Rechargeable Stun Gun And LED Light SF2000RB
Blind Spot Back Up Alert E00281
Book: How to Protect Yourself from Crime HTPY
Bottle Safe - Coca Cola BSC
Bottle Safe- Brisk BSB
Bottle Safe Lipton Tea BSTEA
Broan Wireless Doorbell WDCRT
Broan With Strobe RC515
Can Safe 180 Energy CS180
Can Safe 2 Liter Brisk Tea CS2LBT
Can Safe 2 Liter Dr. Pepper CS2LDP
Can Safe 2 Liter Root Beer CS2LRB
Can Safe A&W CSAW
Can Safe- Bathroom Cleaner CSBATH
Can Safe -Brake Cleaner CSBC
Can Safe- Carpet Cleaner CSCCA
Can Safe- Doritos CSD
Can Safe- Dr. Pepper CSDRP
Can Safe Flower Pot CSFP
Can Safe Fritos Chili Cheese CSFCC
Can Safe Fritos Scoops CSSCP
Can Safe Monster Drink CSMD
Can Safe Mug Root Beer CSMUG
Can Safe Paint-Gallon CSPG
Can Safe- RC Cola CSRC
Can Safe Sunkist CSSK
Can Safe Thermal Mug CSTM
Can Safe-7Up CS7UP
Can Safe-Peanuts CSP
Can Safe-Suave CSSUA
Closet Safe Light JB5321
Color Rotating Camera with Remote 6089
Compact Disc Safe CDS
Deluxe Dummy Camera in Outdoor Housing w/ LED light DDCOHL
Deluxe Emergency Hammer with Digital Tire Gauge DEHDTG
Deluxe Locking Book Safe DLBS
Desay CR123A Lithium Battery DCR123A
Desay CR2 Battery DCR2
Detecta-Mark Anti-Theft Set 14026
Digital Timer with Random Feature DTRF
Dome Dummy Camera with Tall Base DDCL2
Dome Package-Globe Ceiling Tile DP12GF
Dome Security Camera 6020
Door and Window Entry Alarm-2 pack 73968A
Door Club Brass DCB20
Door Handle Alarm DA482
Door Stopper Alarm ID14
Driver Alert DA
Driveway Alert Wireless Remote Chime 26JO
Dummy Camera - Indoor DCIH
Dummy Camera w/ Outdoor Housing DCOH
Dummy Camera w/ Zoom Lens DCZOOM
Dummy Camera w/Zoom Lens & Motion Detector DCZOOMWD
Dummy Camera w/Zoom Lens/Wireless DCZOOMW
Dummy Dome Camera DDC
Dummy IR Dome Camera DDCIR
Dynamo Emergency Kit KC90008
Dynamo Radio Flashlight FSH240
Emergency Highway Flasher HW18
Extra disable pin for streetwise stun guns. (Pack of 10) SWDP10
Extra Remote Control RMC318
Fashion Clips Chrome Plus (Tornado Accessory) TCCC06
Fashion Clips Gold Plus (Tornado Accessory) TCCG06
Firestorm Cell Phone Stun Gun FSC80
Flower Pot Safe FPS
Flower Pot Safe-Assorted FSA
Four Function Lantern 4FL
GE Indoor Outlet Receiver GEIOR
GE Indoor/ Outdoor Key Chain Transmitter GEKCT
GE Magnetic Alarm/ Chime with Keypad GEMA10
GE Motion Sensing Alarm Kit 50943
GE Motion Sensing Security Night Light GE3935
GE Security Yard Sign w/ Stake and Window Stickers 52387
GE Security Yard Sign w/Stake and Window Stickers 45400
GE Smart Home Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Alert GE50487
GE Solar Wireless Color Camera 45208
GE Wireless Wall Switch Transmitter GEWWST
Hidden Camera: Cigarette HCC
Hidden Camera: Motion Detector HCMD
Hidden Camera: Pen Holder HCPH
Hidden Camera: Phone HCP
Hidden Safe Pillow HSP
Hottie 3000000* High Powered Rechargeable Stun Gun And LED Light SF3000RH
Hottie Salmon Color Small Fry 1000000 Volt Mini Stun Gun SF1000RHS
Imitation Security Camera w/ Motion Detector and Alert CH01A
Immobilizer 900000 volt Cell Phone Stun Gun ICP900
Immobilizer 900000 volt Cell Phone Stun Gun -Orange ICP900O
Immobilizer 900000 volt Cell Phone Stun Gun Orange with Pink Holster ICP900PO
Inflatable Safety Signs (3 piece set) 7135
In-Reach Child Tracking System 08500
Instant Door Alert -4 pack IDA4
Key Chain Alarm with Light KC45
LED Flashing Light FL26R
LED Retractable Keylight LEDKL
Level 1 Car Immobilizer E00270
Level 3 Car Immobilizer E00272
Life Hammer 4 in 1 Emergency Tool LH
Lightning Rod 800000 Volt Stun Pen and LED Flashlight LR800
Listen Up Personal Sound Amplifier LUPSA
Mail Arrival Notification System 560500
Making Crime Pay (sales manual) MCP
Mini Clock DVR SC007
Motion Activated Alarm and Chime MAAC
Motion Activated Alarm with Keypad MAK20
Motion Alarm Remote Control HS4950D
Motor Trend Emergency Hammer MTEH
Nap Alarm NZ-200
Noah's Flood Alarm NFA
Outdoor Outlet Receiver by GE GEOOR
Pan & Tilt Camera w/ Monitor 8602Q
Parrot Digital Messaging Switch Plate MSP201
Peanut Butter Can Safe CSPB
Personal and Domestic Alarm HSA-1
Phone Sentry Tap Detector PSTD
Plug n Play IP Camera w/ Motion Detector IC202W
Plug n Play IP camera w/ Motion Detector IP1000
Portable Door Lock 95072
Portable Security Alarm and Chime PSC
Powerful Hearing Amplifier HA900
Raxus Car Alarm (Discontinued) RCA
Rechargeable Small Fry 1000000 Volt Mini Stun Gun w/ charger SF1000R
Rechargeable Small Fry 400000 Volt Mini Stun Gun w/charger SF400R
Red Cross Auto Safety Kit RCASK
Remote Control / Wireless Ceiling Alarm HS4900D
Rock Hide a Key Rock
Rock Hide a Key RKH
Safety First Alarm System Warning Decals (4 pack) 4718
Safety First Alarm Yard Sign 7417
Safety Grip Handle SGH4776
Secure Pro Magnetic Contact Alarm w/ Keypad 76502
Secure Scan Metal Detector SSMD
Security Doctor Media Vault 90102
Set of 4 First Alert Magnetic contact Alarms 4D86
Set of 5 Bell and Howell Power Pods 00R3
Shelf Safe SS
Silver Bullet Small Fry 400000 Volt Mini Stun Gun Rechargeable SF400RS
Siren Safety Lock 3704
Small Fry 700000 Volt Mini Stun Gun SF700
Smart Light Motion Activated LED Light 002P46
Smith & Wesson Indoor Light Timer 050153
Smith & Wesson Sliding Door and Window Lock 050187
Sound Receiver WN077
SportLight Bike Safety Light SLBSL
Spy Camera Sunglasses w/ MP3 Player SCSMP3
Spy Ear SE
Spy Kit SK
Spy Neck Tie DVR w/Remote (4GB) DVRNT
Spy Pen PP800
Spy Sunglasses w/ Metal Frames (Black) SSMFB
Spy Sunglasses w/ Metal Frames (Black) 2 SSMFB2
Spy Sunglasses w/ Metal Frames (Silver) SSMFS
Streetwise 21 Inch Telescopic Steel Baton TSB21
Streetwise 26 Inch Telescopic Steel Baton TSB26
Streetwise 4000k Mini Stun Baton- Rechargeable SWMB1000R
Streetwise 700k Expandable Stun Baton SWEB700
Streetwise 700k Expandable Stun Baton-with Cracked Collars SWEB700CC
Streetwise CR2 Battery SWCR2
Strike Master 2 SM2
Strobe Wireless Security System SSS300
Super Sounds Deluxe Sound Amplifier SSDLX
Sure ‘n Fast Counterfeit Detector SFCD
Sylvania Automobile Emergency Light SAEL
Teledata Guard TDG028
TeleData Guard 92067
Tornado Countertop Display TCD
Tree Shield Fire Retardant TSFR14
Tri-LED Emergency Light KC91010
Water Bottle Safe WBS
Wireless Button RC500T
Wireless Camera and Baby Monitor/ TV 051227
Wireless Doorbell WDBL
Wireless Doorbell WD01
Wireless Motion Detector with remote HS4340D
Wireless Personal Pager WPPG
Wireless Personal Pager WPP1
Wireless Spy Camera WSC
Worlds Smallest DVR WSDVR
World's Smallest DVR w Built in 2GB Memory (MP10) WSDVR2G
Zenith EZ Hang Up ZEP100
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