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 Thank you for coming to our Safety Securities website and giving us the opportunity to help keep you and your loved ones safe. It is an unfortunate necessity in the world we live in today to be vigilent in keeping safety a priortiy in our daily lives. Don't be fooled by thinking it won't happen to you and not being ready when it does. There is no discrimination when it comes to violence. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, and we want to help YOU be ready if it does happen to YOU!

We are Your Online Source for Home Safety Products

  In this website we will make available to you hundreds of different , non-lethal, home safety products and self defense devices that will help you feel more secure. For example when you're walking to your car when you leave work in the evening. When you're trying to remember where you parked your car at the shopping mall. When your daughter walks back to her dorm room after a late study group. We have a wide varitey of home safety equipment to choose from that will meet your specific needs and style. You can choose from items  such as the Stun Gun that screams, "Don't mess with me!" to more discreat items such as the lipstick mace that can neatly slip into an evening purse. For the young man that doesn't want a bulky Pepper Spray in his back pocket he can easily use the cell phone Stun Gun and no one would be the wiser. At Safety Securities we provide you with safety at home by choosing from our wide varitey of at home safety devices ranging from security cameras and Diversion Safes that vary from practical to fun!

  Playing in the neighborhood streets isn't like it was fifty years ago. It's easy for people to  be in a hurry these days, taking on the cell phone or just not paying enough attention when driving.  We offer bright, can't miss, inflatable safety cones that will notify drivers on your street that children are out and about and beware! Just one more step in keeping our little ones safer while they play.

  We are dedicated to searching out the best, most effective safety and security products available to the public and are constantly on the lookout for the latest new and improved products to keep up with the changing world. We offer only superior quality items that are guaranteed to perform and are backed by the full manufacturer's warranty. We ship your order quickly and for most orders we use UPS Ground (Insured for the value of the product). We will work hard to ensure that you obtain products suitable for your needs and at the best price we can offer. We want you to be thrilled with your purchases and keep coming back for more.

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